How to Sync iTunes Videos to Google Nexus 6 ?

As usual, Google Nexus 6 is also manufactured by other companies (How about Nexus 5?). However, this time it is Motorola that takes this job, which makes the new phone of Google a Motorola X at large. But this will not damage people's interest in Nexus 6 because it is far from similar to Motorola X for its unique and excellent features.

nexus 6

What Makes Nexus 6 Different

  • * One of the most largest phone with a size of 5.9 inches
  • * The first phone to carry Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • * Have an amazing resolution(2560 * 1440)
  • * The battery can last 6 hours with 15 minutes charging
  • * Quad core Krait 450 CPU 2.7GHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SOC)

All the features including big screen, high resolution and long lasting battery makes Nexus 6 a perfect device for enjoying videos. Since watching videos on mobile devices has become popular among modern people who have a busy life and do not want to stick to computer or TV for watching videos, obviously. Nexus 6 will be well welcomed among those who intend to buy a new phone.

Tips: Nexus 6 supports playing videos of common formats like AVI, MKV, and MP4, not including protected M4V videos from iTunes. If you want to sync iTunes M4V videos to Nexus 6 for playback, read the below tutorial.

itunes to nexus 6

Tutorial: How to Sync iTunes Videos to Nexus 6?

1) Why cannot iTunes M4V videos be synced to Nexus 6 for playback ?

Because iTunes M4V videos are protected by FairPlay DRM of Apple which prevents them from being synced to non-Apple devices for playing. You can only transfer iTunes videos to iOS devices for watching if you do nothing to them.

2) What can we do to sync iTunes videos to Nexus 6 ?

Only DRM on iTunes M4V videos has been removed can they be synced and played on Nexus 6. Therefore, we need to remove DRM from iTunes videos and convert them to unprotected videos of common formats, like MP4, AVI and MKV supported by Nexus 6.

In order to remove DRM from iTunes videos, a DRM Removal Tool is needed. AVS4Mac M4V Converter Plus is a good DRM Remover specializing in removing DRM from both iTunes purchased and rented videos while keeping original quality. You can convert iTunes videos with AVS4Mac to MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, etc. Besides, there are many devices such as iOS devices, Samsung phones/tablets in its output profile for you to choose from.

3) How to remove DRM from iTunes videos with AVS4Mac ?

Step 1: Download and install AVS4Mac according to your operating system.

System supported by AVS4Mac:
Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Mac: Mac OS 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10

download M4V Converter Plus for Macdownload M4V Converter Plus for Win

Step 2: Import iTunes M4V videos to AVS4Mac

Click the Add button on the upper left of AVS4Mac and then choose M4V videos from iTunes Library and click "OK" to add then to AVS4Mac Interface. Batch conversion is allowed.

import m4v files

Step 3: Choose Output format

In the Windows version, check the loaded videos and then choose the output format on the right column of AVS4Mac. In the Mac version, click the format icon on the right of the loaded video to choose your desired format. If you choose "Customized MP4/AVI/WMV Video" as output format, you are also allowed to customized video/audio bitrate, codec, size, etc.

choose output format

Step 4: Start Converting

Click "Convert" button on the interface to start removing DRM from iTunes videos and convert them to unprotected format. The loaded videos will be converted one by one. After all are finished, sync the output videos to Nexus 6 for playback via USB.

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